Discover Your Artist Soul!

Set off for an artful journey in this beautiful class full of exploration and learning. Tune in, slow down and connect with your inner artist soul.

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Let's Dive Deep!

With Jane as your guide, we will dive deep into the inner parts of your soul, discovering what you love  and want to express in your art work.  What makes you as an artist?   The colors you love, the marks you like to make and are drawn too.  The textures you adore and  the way you like to put things together.  Ultimately unveiling your true artists soul.   


Discovering your artists soul

You'll get:

  • Discover your personal sources of inspiration by creating a scrapbook to use throughout the course and for all of your art
  • Discover mark making and mark making tools in a personal journal made just for exploring.
  • Learn all about textures and texture making techniques
  • Create a mini abstract collage series with all of the information you discover in your artist soul. 
  • Use the mini abstracts to create a 12 x 12 final composition.
  • Are you ready to discover your artist soul?
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Let me guide you through this amazing journey.


I'm Jane.

I've been a mixed media artist for over 30 years.  With a Master's Degree in Adult Education, I promise to give you a wonderful learning experience and a wildly creative journey where we will all learn about ourselves to become the artists we are all meant to be.