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Life’s too short not to do what you love. Stop hindering your creativity and let go of all of that negative self talk!

My most popular course is now available any time you want it.  If you have been comparing yourself to others, stopping yourself from creating because you are afraid it's not going to be perfect, overthinking EVERY. SINGLE. THING. you do, and buying art supplies only to leave them sitting on your shelf- this mini course is for you.

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Build Your Creative Brand

Learn what branding is, who you are as a personal brand, who your perfect customer is, and come out with a strong, new image that tells your story.

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Creating Confidently

Go from Struggling Creator to Confident Artist.  "Perfect" is an illusion, especially for creators. Learn how to create with confidence and let go of negative self talk and attachment to outcome once and for all. 

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Book of Secrets

In this workshop we will tune into the secrets of our soul, as we create a beautiful, handmade artist book with papers, fibers, plaster and encaustic wax (plaster and encaustic option but so fun!) 

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Discover Your Artist Soul

Set off for an artful journey in this beautiful class full of exploration and learning. Tune in, slow down and connect with your inner artist soul.

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Email Marketing

Learn how to create an email marketing machine

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Encaustic Painting

Learn how to create your own 3 different encaustic paintings taking you from beginner to advanced!  Be careful - you'll become addicted to encaustics after this course.

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Acrylic Ink Prints

Learn how to make amazing acrylic ink prints and then get a BONUS video on how to turn them into fun little books!

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20 Stenciling Techniques

Think there is only one way to stencil?  Think again! This fun course will give you 20 different and amazingly fun ways to stencil.

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Collage Basics

Step by step tutorials for three different card decks with printables.  

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Letting Go

Life’s too short not to do what you love. Stop hindering your creativity and let go of all of that negative self talk in one of my most popular mini courses.

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Intro to Mixed Media Art

Learn the ins and outs of mixed media art, all of the supplies I love, and then create two step by step projects in this self guided mini course.

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Collage Basics

Learn how to create your own collage papers using stencils and then create 2 different collage projects! An easy, self study course for beginners and anyone looking to sharpen their skills.

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Gelli Printing 101

Ever wanted to learn about mono printing with a gel plate?  This gel printing 101 class will get you started!

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Jane has taught me to let go of fear: of comparison, of imperfection, and of myself


Diane N

ArtFusion Community Member


Jane is incredible! She's driven and compassionate, with an endless supply of empathy and real world experience , but stern when necessary, incredibly knowledgeable, motivational, inspirational, and she will hold you accountable to your goals.

I started with Jane by participating in her "Letting Go" course. It was a game changer for me. A complete and utter mind shift. I get goosebumps when I think about where I was before Jane versus now (with her). Mindset really is every single thing. It effects every single aspect of you, which effects your business, in every single way. 

My sales have jumped immensely. I've sold more since December 2023 than I did in the previous 2 years. It's really kinda mind blowing. It is a combination of mindset, marketing, mentorship, and joy.

Jane brings it all. Every aspect of what a great mentor should have, she has it.


I joined Jane's art group as an outlet for creating; little did I know that it would be transformational!  Jane is a very gifted artist, facilitator and coach who encourages you along your journey.  She also gently holds you accountable when self-judgement and comparison to other artists creeps into your thinking.    
My transformational journey continues as I reclaim my own voice, let go of self judgement and continue to recognize and trust my authentic self.  The impact reaches far beyond the art I create; it's been life changing.  


Working with Jane has been a game-changer for my DIY wood kit business. Despite setbacks like losing my original FB business page, Jane's guidance and encouragement have kept me on track and motivated. Her supportive approach and wealth of knowledge have empowered me to navigate challenges with confidence. Thanks to Jane, I'm not just rebuilding; I'm thriving. I couldn't have asked for a more dedicated and inspiring business coach.











Jane has been an integral part of my business being successful. She encourages, supports, and mentors me to make good decisions and take action for my business. She was the force behind my start of making course tutorials which lead me to starting the Creative Course Collab, where I was able to realize and achieve my true passion in my business. ~Amanda Dorrier, Simply Flamazing Art, ATC Mystery Box, and The Creative Course Collab.










Jane has inspired me through her own experimentation to let go and play with my art with no attachment with no attachment or fear of the outcome






Working with Jane as my business coach has been transformative. Her guidance has not only elevated my business, but has fundamentally changed my approach to entrepreneurship. Through her insightful strategies and unwavering support, I’ve overcome obstacles I once thought insurmountable, achieving levels of success I never imagined. From refining my brand identity to streamlining how my business operates, every aspect of my business has flourished under her mentorship. Beyond the tangible results, she has instilled in me a newfound confidence and clarity that permeates in every decision I make. I’m forever grateful for her expertise, dedication and belief in my potential. This journey wouldn’t be the same without her, and I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone ready to transform their life and business.



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